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In this era of social media, everyone is worried about finding their way to success, leaving a good impression and showing everyone that they are living their best life. The thing about social media is: it’s all fake, nobody is living that perfect life and with covid-19 many people have been getting stressed out. Everyone has a different coping mechanism and therapy doesn’t always work for them. For many women, shopping for alluring outfits and looking their best makes them also feel their best self. With the masks being a necessity now, all the attention draws towards your outfit which is why we are here to serve you.

Are you too worried about looking your best and making an impression after spending all this time at home? Remove all your worries because we have got your back as of now. When women are asked “what makes an outfit interesting?” Many of them believe that an outfit that makes you feel good and confident about yourself is definitely always worth the bucks. Shoplectic provides women a safe haven to feel comfortable, look around freely and shop for what fits them the best. We adhere to many movies and tv shows to find what is the most trending in the fashion industry. Then, we refer to the four elements of building an attire: color, pattern, shine and texture, in order to provide our customers with only the best.

Shoplectic provides a wide range of variety to women all over the world, offering them a chance to feel a boost of self esteem. Our designers and marketing team works together in order to provide the customers with the best experience. Adhering to different types of fashion style: artsy, casual, formal, bold, vintage, grunge, chic and many more, our website is full of articles that will surely help you make a fashion statement. Some of our most selling items have been inspired by famous entertainment models like Jodi from Tall Girl2, Anna Clumsky from Inventing Anna, Emily from Emily in Paris and many more that you shall definitely look forward to.

Offering you a bit of help and a dime of our suggestions, our hot selling items might intrigue you into filling your wardrobe. If you are a working woman and looking for a formal winter coat that will not ruin your outfit then we have a lot of options for you, but our personal favorites are the Anna Clumsky Inventing Anna Green Coat and A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Diana Bishop Coat. Both of these articles have subtle colors with a simple design that is pleasing to the eyes.

However, if you are looking for an outerwear to leave an impression on your date then our advice to you is to wear a little black dress with our date night options, like: Emily in Paris Season2 Orange Jacket, Julia Garner Inventing Anna Coat or our most selling Nancy Drew Season3 Nancy Drew Trench Coat. With delicate designs and an elegant structure, these outerwear pieces are very comfortable and will surely help you embrace any of your flaws and walk confidently. Pump it up with a bit of jewelry with your go-to makeup and you are ready to rock!


What type of leather do you use?

Shoplectic uses synthetic sheepskin leather because of its distinct texture and high durability

How do I know what size to order?

Our website provides a size chart with every article, to make it easier for you to determine your size from the wide range.

What is your return policy?

If any item does not fit your size, is damaged or isn’t the one you ordered, you can contact us at our email. Refer to the contact details for further enquiry.

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